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Grohmann Fillet Knife Sets

Responding to the needs of the fishing industry and to meet the individual requirements of each sport fisherman, Grohmann has designed a lighweight, durable, yet beautiful fillet knife in four handy blade lengths: 5", 6", 7", & 8".

These are from our Good quality Regular Rosewood partial tang line. Exotic plantation grown polished Rosewood handles, sturdy brass rivets (great for fresh or saltwater fishing), flexible, high carbon stainless steel blades.

Knife Combo's come in either the high quality leather sheaths or black waterproof Cordura® sheaths (just add a "C" to model number for cordura sheath, ie, RFC800S)

All first quality items have Grohmann's Lifetime Limited Warranty



**For a more quality, heavier, water resistant handle, check out the Xtra Forged Professional Line X205FG-6 Fillet Knife for a well balanced knife with flexible blade in Best quality (leather or cordura sheath can be purchased separately). Not Shown.


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Regular Line fillet knives with leather sheaths:

RF800S    8" blade      Sugg Retail $88.25
RF700S    7" blade      Sugg Retail $86.25
RF600S    6" blade      Sugg Retail $84.25
RF500S    5" blade      Sugg Retail $82.25



6" fillet shown with cordura waterproof sheath RFC600S Sugg Retail $78.00


6" fillet shown with hand stitched leather belt sheath RF600S Sugg Retail $84.25




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