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Grohmann Kitchen Knives

Quality You Can Feel

Makes cooking more enjoyable! Feel the difference of handcrafted quality the first time you hold and use your Grohmann.


Available GOOD, BETTER and BEST

Something for every need and every price point.   

Grohmann Kitchen Knives are made from fine quality Hi-Carbon stainless steel in various styles and  thicknesses, heat treated to give it a hardness of 54-56 Rockwell C.   This superior steel hardness maintains a keen cutting edge at all times thereby making all your cutting work more enjoyable.



             *Also the new Grohmann Ulu !   Click here for more info


1.Forged (Heavy)

Designed for professional chefs and discriminating home cooks, these heavier, precision-balanced knives are easily distinguished by a thick steel bolster that separates the
blade and the handle as well as steel that runs throughout the handle. These are the best quality/best balanced.


3.Regular (Light)

Perfect for home kitchens. This line has been designed for safety, comfort, balance and lasting beauty. It is a partial tang steel, the steel goes part way through the handle so it is a more lightweight knife.





2.Full Tang (Medium)

Full Tang means the steel goes through the handle. Balance and added strength highlight this happy medium. Falls between average kitchen usage and that of professional chefs.


4.Poly  (Light)

A more cost effective version of the Regular Line with dishwasher safe polypropylene handles that can be sanitized. These are also partial tang steel / lightweight.



Grohmann Steak Sets       Grohmann Kitchen Sets 



 *Also the new Grohmann Ulu !   Click here for more info









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