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The D.H. Russell Belt Knife       

Outdoor enthusiasts have been using Grohmann for over 50 Years and passing them down through generation after generation.  With the Grohmann Lifetime Limited Warranty, quality materials, and made right here in North America, you know you have dependability by your side when you need it most.   D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knives, Grohmann Knives, You-Make-It-Knife-Kits, Fillet Knives, Lock & Pocket, and Specialty knives.

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Grohmann Knives Outdoor Group Shot

Grohmann Belt Knives

The One & Only

Often copied over the years, Grohmann Knives in Nova Scotia Canada is still the original, and sole, manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives and Grohmann Belt Knives for over 50 years.

Back in the 50s, Deane Russell and Rudolph Grohmann created the D.H. Russell outdoor line of knives which are still made with pride in the same town.  Our handmade Canadian belt knives are proudly owned by private collectors and sports enthusiasts from around the world. People who own a Grohmann knife are connoisseurs of quality and have come to expect superior handcrafted craftsmanship that can't be matched.

Our knives are recognized around the world for their exceptional beauty, balance and quality. They have won more than 25 international honors including a display at New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art. 

D.H. Russell Belt Knives &  Grohmann Knives were designed and crafted to meet the demands faced by those who must make a living from, or survive in, the Canadian outdoors and abroad. 

Each of our knives comes with a custom designed, top grade, oil tanned leather sheath or case. Most models are available in your choice of either high carbon stainless steel, or carbon steel blade, and come with a nylon wrist thong for safety in handling.
Most outdoor knives are available in Classic Rosewood, Linen Micarta, Xtra Resinwood, Natural Water Buffalo Horn and Water Buffalo Jigged Bone, and Natural Staghorn handles.

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  Grohmann Knives Flat Grind Blades


Grohmann Knives R1S Original Design Grohmann Knives Trout and Bird Knife R2S

#1 Original Design


#2 Trout & Bird Design
Grohmann Knives Flat Grind Blades Grohmann Knives Flat Grind Trout and Bird Knife
#1SF Original Flat Grind (Large Camper) #2SF Trout & Bird Flat Grind (Small Camper)
Grohmann Knives Army Knife Jump Knife Grohmann Knives Survival Knife
#3 Boat, Canadian Army or the Yachtsman Design #4 Survival Knife & New! Guthooks
Grohmann Knives Large Skinner Knife Grohmann Knives Standard Skinner Knife R101S
#100 Large Skinner Model (Outdoor Dream) #101 Standard Skinner
Grohmann Knives Short Blade Skinner R103S Knife Grohmann Knives Mini Skinner Knife R104SF
#103 Short Blade Skinner


#104F Mini Skinner


Grohmann Knives Deep Woods Hunter R105S Grohmann Knives Deer and Moose Knife R108S
#R105S Deep Woods Hunter #R108S Deer & Moose


Grohmann Knives Pocket and Lock Blades Grohmann Knives Turquoise Stone Inlay Knives
Lockblades & Folders


Turquoise &Semi-Precious
Collector's Inlay Knives
Grohmann Knives Fillet Knives and Sheaths Grohmann Knives Specialty Custom Knives

Grohmann Fillet Knives with Sheaths

Grohmann Specialty Items (Snow Knives, Whale Flensing, Herring Roe, etc)


Grohmann Knives Knife Kits