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#3 Boat Knife, Canadian Armed Forces,   or Yachtsman Design


Depending on the sheath, this knife is either the a. Canadian Army knife, b. Boat Knife, or c. The Yachtsman knife.

The blade is approx. 4" x 15/16", of 1/8" stock, total length 8 1/4" Rosewood handle shown here, but handle also available in  Xtra water-resistant, water buffalo bone or horn, staghorn and micarta. Choice of high-carbon stainless steel blade, or carbon steel blade, straight edge or partially serrated (great for rope), regular grind or flat grind options.


C.  - Yachtsman style #R3SWM:

Special sheath with pouch for Marlin spike/shackler 
Great general purpose knife with a tapered handle to help prevent slipping ( 3M sheath ) Along with boaters and fishermen, this knife is commonly used by the Canadian Coast Guard and can usually be seen with various crew on the historic Bluenose tall ship.








B. -Boat Knife style #R3S:

Great all purpose knife with regular open sheath for quick access.

For boating, canoeing, sailing, camping, hunting and fishing.( 3 sheath ) The triangular shaped handle makes for a better grip when wet.

Shown with regular open mouth sheath #R3S, other sheath options and handle options available. 






A. - Canadian Army Knife (CAF)

#R3SA or commonly referred to as the "Jump Knife": Comes with straight blade and Overlap sheath, used by the Canadian Armed Forces since 1964.-( 3A sheath )

Shown here with rosewood handle and straight blade, but partially serrated blade and other handle materials are available as well.

Various military kit shops across the country stock this knife as well as a number of our other high quality knives.

*Please Note: the government does purchase other non-Grohmann knives as well, so any defects, complaints or problems with any other brand are to be directed to the government or other brand.  *If it is not stamped Grohmann / Canada it is not associated with Grohmann Knives. 






All blades available with Straight or Partially serrated edge, stainless or carbon steel, regular or flat grind (carbon flat grinds custom order only). 

Handle materials include all available: classic rosewood, resinwood, natural water buffalo horn, water buffalo jigged bone, micarta and staghorn and sturdy brass rivets (brass recommended especially for salt water use).


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Dependable in the field, on the water, or in the air


#3 Showing Sheath Options

(sheaths shown are C. #3M;  B. #3 and A. #3A)




C. The Canadian Coast Guard often get the Yachtsman style sheath (#3M) with the marlin spike and shackler tool, rosewood handle, partially serrated blade, and logo on the blade and sheath (extra charge for logos, only avail for CG).

Yachtsman with partially serrated blade and marlin spike #R3SWM  Retail $125.75

with straight Blade #R3SM  Retail $122.75




B. Boat Knife with rosewood handle, high carbon stainless steel blade regular open mouth belt sheath #R3S rosewood/stainless  Retail $100.75

#X3S xtra/stainless  Retail $110.75

#M3S micarta/stainless  Retail $110.75

#W3S water buffalo horn/stainless  Retail $148.75

#H3S staghorn/stainless  Retail $187.00





A. Army "Jump" Knife configuration, classic rosewood handle, high carbon stainless steel blade, overlap/army sheath #R3SA  Retail $106.00

#X3SA xtra/stainless Retail $116.00

#M3SA micarta/stainless Retail $116.00

#W3SA water buffalo/stainless Retail $154.00

#H3SA staghorn/stainless Retail $192.25





Other Sheath Options

There is also a pouch style sheath that holds a sharpening steel for quick touch-ups in the field. Shown here is the Boat knife with xtra resinwood handle, high carbon stainless steel blade with pouch with sharpening steel #X3SS  Retail $132.75

#R3SS rosewood/stainless Retail $122.75

#M3SS micarta/stainless Retail $132.75

#W3SS water buffalo/stainless Retail $170.75

#H3SS staghorn/stainless Retail $209.00




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