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Grohmann Ulu

Grohmann Ulu Knife
Base price $80.00
Sales price $68.00
Sheath Style :

A Traditional Cooking Tool for the Modern Kitchen

The ulu (pronounced Oo'- loo) is based on old world traditions and Northern Inuit designs. Perfect for cutting/chopping fruits, veggies and meats. Great for cutting boards or wooden bowls. Originally used for hunting and skinning so also available with the leather sheath option instead of kitchen holder.

Cooking Club of America Seal of Approval (2011)

Although our existing model was consistently selling out, we wanted to make it look more custom, more 'Grohmann', so we've beefed it up! Instead of the classic rosewood handle and holder, we have switched to a more water resistant xtra resinwood better suited for kitchen use. We've also increased the size of the holder for better stability and switched the stainless pins and rod to sturdy brass pins/rods instead.